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Onam Celebration

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Onam Celebration

Onam CelebrationOnam is one of the most significant festivals of Kerala and is an attraction for the thousands of people outside and within the State. All the activities during this season are centered on worship, music, dance, sports, boat races and traditional onam sadhya. This festival is celebrated in the Malayalam month Chingam (ending of August and beginning of September).

Onam is a harvest festival and celebrates the reward of nature after a year of hard work. The merry-making of the festival includes an elaborate procession of Trichur and the amusing boat races on River Pampa. Women dress up in traditional wears and make detailed designs of “rangolis” and “pookkalam”(with flowers) in front of their homes.

Onam CelebrationWe started our Onam celebration at 9.30 am with greater joy. Onam festivities included various competitions like Thiruvathira, Onapattu and enactment of King Mahabali. Students and teachers equally enjoyed the Onam sadhya together. Teachers and non-teaching staff, PTA executives and students actively took part in Onam Celebration. School will be reopened on 31st August after the Onam holidays.

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  1. Raja

    Nice event It was covered, And I heard it was nice school, one of my brothers child is studying here. i also planing to join my child here.

    Best regards,

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