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Environmental Day

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Environmental Day

Environment Day is commemorated worldwide each year under the direction of the United Nations to heighten public awareness about the environment. In recent times, the need to promote more eco friendly practices in order to maintain the health of our planet has come to the forefront, as world nations struggle to reverse the present trend of climatic changes. The World Environment Day is a reminder to show our gratefulness to Mother Nature, which sustains all forms of life. This is the day to focus our thoughts and our energies to make collective efforts towards protecting the environment. India has rich traditional knowledge and wisdom in the conservation of nature and natural resources. Religious beliefs, culture and folklore have together treated nature and environment with sanctity. Conservation and protection of environment and love for nature have always been part and parcel of Indian ethos and culture. So it’s better to consume water and food and all other natural resources with much care.

environment day

A student receiving a plant sapling

The Environment Day celebrations in BCGGPS were started at 9.30 am. Our Principal, Mrs. Anna Mary Cherian inaugurated the function by planting saplings in the school campus. All the teachers and representatives from PTA were present at this auspicious moment. And the Principal asked the students to plant a tree sapling for their birthdays and anniversaries etc. “One Garden for One Class” project was started. The students swore the oath to take care and protect the Mother Nature. They also distributed saplings in the locality.

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